When Spring comes to the UK, so does a whole host of unpredictable weather. It's rain one moment and hot summer sun the next, so it can be extremely difficult to decide what to wear. The key when dressing for such drastic changes in conditions is to use your accessories! Here's some pretty spring essentials and how to make them versatile.
The first thing you need is a good practical bag. Practical doesn't have to be dowdy, take this satchel for example. It's on trend, bright and the coss-body strap makes it easy to carry it even when it gets heavy! On unpredictable Spring days you can stuff this bag full of everything you need and no-one would be the wiser.
These sunglasses from Diane vin Furstenberg are great with any outfit. An oversized frame works with pretty dresses, layered looks and even casual outfits to make your face look doll like, or to add a retro feel. Sunglasses should be a handbag essential, come rain or shine you can quickly put them on or take them off to add a new dimension to your look.
A black, wide brimmed hat, like this classic from Lavin, will not only go with every outfit in your wardrobe, it will also keep your head warm and dry when it's cold and rainy, and keep you shady and shielded from the sun. It disguises bad hair days, and shadows bad skin. Though it's not quite a perfect item, be careful of windy days with this hat!
Scarfs are the height of practicality if you want to work a vintage look in all weathers. Wrap a scarf over your head Marilyn Monroe style on rainy days, or drape it over your shoulders when you're wearing a summer dress to keep warm if it gets chilly.
Finally for torrential downpours equip yourself with a pretty umbrella. You can get tiny umbrellas that fit in your handbag, or you can get huge decorative ones that will only drape over your arm. Think about practicality, but remember your umbrella can be part of your outfit!

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