Getting dressed for work each morning can be boring sometimes, having to wear the same plain outfit even if you don’t have a work uniform. It’s hard to be fashionable at work while still being appropriate and sophisticated. Elena Mirò designs clothes specifically for the workingwoman, and her Spring 2012 collection is tailored for the daring women who like to be bold in their everyday clothes.

The new collection appeared on the catwalk at Milan Fashion week and made a bold entrance. Filled with bright colours, eye-catching prints, and unique textiles, the Spring 2012 collection is perfect for the bold woman who likes to experiment with fashion in everyday life. The collection features bright pinks, reds, and purples, as well as sheen greens and nudes. All the pieces are bright, either from colour or texture, and the many different looks from the collection showcase different ways to mix and match prints and colours.

Dressing for work can be a fun ritual now with these bright and attractive designs. The pieces in the collection are appropriate and sophisticated for work-wear as well as everyday casual wear. It gives the workingwoman an opportunity to experiment with fashion and mix it into their everyday wardrobe. Mirò’s designs are catered specially for the mature woman who knows how to express herself through her clothes.

Show up to work in something bold, bright, and beautiful! Make a statement when you walk into the office and feel confident everyday. Feel free to wear the clothes you love and express your true style. Every woman should have the right to wear the clothes they like and to feel great in them too.

If you’re tired of boring basics for work, then it’s time to incorporate some fun into your wardrobe! What you wear to work is what you’ll wear all day, and don’t you want to love what you’re wearing each day? You can make small changes, or drastic changes to your work wardrobe by adding colour or prints or unique cuts – or a combination of all three. Don’t be afraid to be yourself when you get dressed each day, clothes are meant to be expressive of your true personality! Have fun when you put clothes on in the morning, and feel stylish all day.

Wearing bright colours and bold prints can change your attitude as well. When you love the clothes you’re in, you’ll feel great and people will tell you that you look great as well. Don’t be afraid to try something new, check out Elena Mirò’s Spring 2012 collection and feel inspired by the eye-catching pieces. Try to incorporate fun into your work wardrobe and make those long hours worthwhile

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