Clothes are essential for our everyday lives, regardless if we’re into fashion or not. The motto at Doris Streich is to advocate the natural woman: to love yourself the way you are and to embrace your personal style. Fashion for women who are passionate about clothes and style, no matter what age or what background; you’ll find your high quality garments here for every body shape and size.

“These are the women we dress – with passion and enthusiasm.” The third generation of the Streich family has worked hard to create fashionable clothes for women, reaching a global market. Their clothes are made for women of medium and larger body frames, with the aim to create security and comfort within their clothes.

A woman is beautiful no matter how she looks, no matter what size she is, or how old she is. It’s important for a woman to feel like a woman, and to dress and act as an adult. Even for those who feel young and wild in heart, it’s important to embrace your true self and to respect yourself at the same time. The Natural Woman campaign is set to advocate the true essence of a woman; her entire life, from her job to her family to her hobbies, is ultimately important in defining who she is, and we are also defined by the way we dress and the way we present ourselves. Being a natural woman means more than wearing no make up or dressing in jeans and a t-shirt; it’s about being completely comfortable with who we are on the inside and outside.

With the way fashion is always moving and changing, it can either exhaust you or excite you, and everyone sees fashion differently. It’s important to identify yourself and to discover your true style with which you feel the most comfortable in, the most you in. Self-discovery is the basis for growth, once you discover who you are and what you want in the world, then you morph into that person, and the way you dress reflects who you are in the world and in society.

Clothes may seem materialistic to some, but they do indeed define us in some way or another. It’s important to reveal the right message to the world, and it’s important to understand who we are and what we want. Being a natural woman is important for the designers at Doris Streich, and they want every woman to embrace herself and to love who she is.

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