Retailers will tell you that Verpass faux fur coats and waistcoats hardly last in stock. The level of comfort and elegance they give is virtually unparalleled. This German fashion house has curved a niche for itself as a leader in women’s winter fashion. Besides the coats, their jumpers and cardigans are to die for. Last year’s autumn-winter collection had a selection of cute purple, grey and maroon sweaters alongside classy leather jackets and cashmere coats. Verpass is known for catering to the needs of women of fuller figures thus all their outfits are available in sizes over 28. Despite the availability of their coats in many sizes, Verpass remains true to its mantra of individuality, ensuring a limited supply for each design.

With their 2011/2012 autumn-winter collection being fronted by plus size beauty queen Erika Demmer, Verpass has remained true to its focus of providing stylish, comfortable clothing for plus size women. This collection has seen Verpass showcase some out-of-the-box designs of faux fur half-coats that go really well with print dresses. It also includes some nifty fur-collared coats that will keep you warm in winter but without compromising the smart look that your workplace requires. If you will be hitting the slopes for winter sports, Verpass has you covered with thick, hooded coats lined with brown furs. For that casual, sensual look, check out their animal print coats and jackets that will combine well with both dark tights or trousers. Throw on a scarf and some heels and you might just become the next trending topic on social media!

A Verpass faux fur coat will set you back £269 but it is an item that will keep you warm for years to come so consider what you spend an actual saving. This grey and black coat will go with virtually any dress or trouser you have. It may be all you need to get you through the chilly season!

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