Ok, so it's been done time and time again; The Seven Deadly Sins made into a fashion editorial or concept; but when we found these fantastic rings, we were reminded why it's so effective.
Found on Pinterest Via Samantha Veronie. Original Source From sammijove.tumblr.com

These rings are incredible, and are of course best worn a la mode; one on every finger, to look like the queen of colour and jewellery. The little human details like the hands on the Greed ring and the eye on the Envy ring, work so perfectly against the bright ruby red and emerald green stones. These are incrediblycouture. If anyone knows who designed them please let me know!

So, we decided we would find you the perfect dresses to complete the look with these cocktail rings, whether your sin is Lust, envy or gluttony, we've tracked down the perfect dress.
A crimson down with excessive layers of tulle and a glamorous fitted style by Vivienne Weswood is no doubt the epitome of Lust, best worn with red lips and 50's luxe waves.
With a price tag exceeding $28,000 this Alexander Mcqueen gown is the best, and most beautiful portrayal of greed and Greed.
Slathered in a print of delicious desserts and diner delicacies, this Good Enough To Eat Dress from Mod Cloth will let you show off your Gluttony in the most stylish of ways.
Even when you're reclining on the sofa it's important to look angelic in this Rachel Gilbert dress, how can people punish you of Sloth? When you look this good you've obviously made an effort.
Nothing says Wrath like this gold-studded black dress from Halston Heritage. The perfect attire for evil deeds.
Green will glint from this Vionnet dress, the same way the green glitters from your eyes in the midst of Envy. But in this dress, you'll be the source of the sin.
You'll have very good reason for Vainity when you're waering this Rare Opulence dress, with all that sparkle and drama you'll no doubt be the centre of attention.
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