Fashion is a term used to describe the latest clothing trends. Most of us might think that fashion is only for those who have perfect bodies. Of course, this is very wrong. There is always fashion for everyone. In fact, large womens clothes, are always hot in the market.

However, we seem to think that big lady dresses are always generic. In other words, we have had that believe that dresses for large women are without style or class. Again, this is wrong. In fact, the top fashion designers the world has ever produced are also making dressed for big ladies.

This article will talk about the top five fashion designers of the world. It must be understood that they create artistic creations for men and women of all ages, of all races, and of all sizes.

First is Valentino Garavani, the most prominent fashionista Italy has ever produced. He is known as a ‘magician’ to some because of his ability to transform women into goddesses and ladies of affluence. A very detailed and a very meticulous person, he is highly favored by his fans and critics alike. Indeed, he has even created dresses for the famous and the elite alike like Julia Roberts and Elizabeth Taylor. Of course, he also favors making dresses for women who are of size.

The second is the American Tom Ford. A native of Southern Texas, he is able to create fashion style that will make anyone drool over. Indeed, he is sometimes considered as one of the patriarchs of the fashion industry.

Of course, how could we forget Donatella Versace? The name Versace itself has become part of the language and we have come to associate the name to the highest fashion designs. She is largely known all over the world because of her inherent gift to make even the largest and the fattest ladies prim and sexy.

Alexander McQueen is considered to be one of the most creative couturiers. Basically, he is identified as one of the founding figures of the fashion world because of his uniquely creative styles. He is a designer who is not afraid to experiment on new styles and combination of colors.

The last, but by no means the least, is the New Yorker, Betsy Johnson. Of the designers mentioned here, Johnson is the most hip. She is able to create dresses for the old and make them look young, and she can turn stout individuals seem small and sexy.

So, if you are looking for large womens clothes, you will surely find something of your taste if you look for the designs and the products of the world’s top designers.

Pastels may be the in trend this season, but if you want your look to be a little more edgy come nightfall these skyscraper heels and wedges are sure to make maximum impact. Studs and metallic buttons against scarlets, blacks and neons are the anti-trend. Wear them with pride and confidence and you'll carry them off well. 
Neou Geek
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I keep seeing pictures of electric neon dresses floating around the internet and adorning celebrities. Turns out it's Jason Wu- the Taiwanese-American designer has experienced one of his most notable years. He started his career making dresses for dolls, and it reflects in the pretty embellished collars, poofed sleeves and marshmallow pink that wanders through his Spring Summer 2012 collection. Of course it's a bit edgy too- with plenty of acid green brights and black and grey contrast. What do you think?
Ok, so once again the gowns worn to the Golden Globes don't exactly represent personal style of everyday people as this blog is meant to; but I thought it would be interesting to look at some of the stars who tried to dress unconventionally; who did it right, and who did it wrong?
RIGHT - Emma Stone, Chris Colfer, Reece Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar.
I'm not sure about... Kelly Osbourne and Freida Pinto
I love Kelly's personal style; her hairstyle are usually my favorites lately in terms of celebrities, but this Zac Posen gown... I get what she's trying to do but the dress looks cheap and poorly constructed; whether it's because the fabric is too thick, because this dress could benefit from more of a loose flow, or because the seams are ragged looking and poorly fitted. This could've been pulled off a lot better!
the shape of Freida's dress is very elegant, but I think on her figure it isn't quite right. I think to pull off such a deconstructed shape you need to be extremely petite; or maybe it's the fact her hair is down, this look would benefit immensely from a glamorous up-do.
Phew, after a long festive break i'm back to posting, and I've made some predictions for what the catwalks might produce in 2012. Some i'm looking forward to, others, not so much! I have to say at least it'll be a massive relief from neon colour blocking and jumpsuits. I'm sure nothing can be more hideous and less wearable than they were! I know this isn't a "we follow the catwalk like mindless drones" kind of blog, but I think it's important to know what's going on. Even if you have your own personal style, the catwalk dictates what's available in the shops for you to make it.

1. The 20's
As long as the world doesn't end, then Baz Luhrmann is due to release his take on The Great Gatsby in December 2012. Luhrmann already had a massive influence on the creative industries when he released Moulin Rouge, Romeo and Juliet, and Australia, so surely his mass of costume and beauty in this film will be no different.  The picture above of Gemma Ward certainly gives us a hint doesn't it? I really don't mind wearing this look at all. I'm happy as long as I'm covered in sequins and sparkle! Plus we've already seen designers like Etro and Anna Sui take on the flapper girl recently.

2. The 30's
Madonna has always been one of the leading ladies of fashion, but now she's about to release a film called W.E., which tells the story of King Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne of England to marry socialite Wallis Simpson. The film is set in 1937 and the costumes are produced by Adrienne Phillips, who designed many of the costumes on Madonna's tours.

3. Florals (Again.)
When I opened the pages of Vogue's 2012 trend report yesterday, I almost deflated when it had a page dedicated to florals. It felt like a Deja Vu. I mean, hasn't this been happening every spring for the past 5 years?? Yeah spring does make me feel flowery and fond of pastel colours, but I wish they'd at least try and deviate; maybe last year could've been giant flower prints, and this year could be 3-D flower embellishments, but no, it's just print print print chiffon chiffon chiffon.

4. Vintage Americana
I fell in love with the most recent Prada collection. Dresses printed with 50s roadsters, and shoes with flames, wings and tail lights. I'm such a sucker for kitsch, tasteless, novelty fashion. If I had a couple of hundred pounds just lying around I would totally stock up on every style of these shoes, but alas I don't. -cry- Anyways, anything pre-1980s is good in my books. So this is another trend I'm happy for.
Bright, kitsch and on-trend, acrylic jewellery is fast becoming a style must have. Laser cutting makes almost any shape possible, and when you can choose from a range of neon bright acrylics it's even more fun for the style conscious. Most sellers will even allow you to come up with your own design so your jewellery looks like no other. However if you lack the creative mind yourself to come up with anything as exciting as these examples, then we've included all the details of where to buy them!
For those of you who have caught the ever increasing mustache fever that seems to be going around the fashion world, maybe you would like a twist on the trend with this hot pink version. You can purchase this from Paper Doll Hawaii.
Likewise on the weird and wonderful track you can find these gorgeous and extremely clever laser cut rings at Lickety Cut. Most of the rings you will find from this shop, like the Ramen ring above, are actually made from three different pieces so that they create incredible layered effects. I strongly recommend looking them up!
For something a little more darkly beautiful try this Black Pegasus necklace from Indomina, it's engraved for extra detail, and looks a little couture.
And finally if you're look is more super modern this geometric Star Burst Necklace from Echo Boomers will look incredible against a sleek black dress, why not try pulling your hair back into a chic bun too to really show this piece off?
The suit is one of the main bases of male fashion, but although men have limited options compared to women, the suit is one of the most versatile fashion pieces out there. Whether buttoned up or deconstructed, it's the start of power dressing. If you prefer a casual look, you can wear elements of a suit with casual accessories such as a t-shirt with a blazer, or a crisp white shirt with jeans; juxtaposing smart with casual creates a striking fashion effect. If you're going for a full three-piece suit why not try mixing and matching prints and colours; wear a bright blue waistcoat against a black blazer and accessorise it by picking out the same bright colour in a handkerchief in your front pocket, or the detail on your shoes. Play about with texture too; a tweed jacket can look great with smart cotton pants, but you have to experiment to find out what works with your stature. A longer blazer may be flattering on a model but will it look great on your shape and height?