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The Nation is obsessed with size, especially skinny and small, but recent findings published on Cosmopolitan’s website has highlighted the reason why women can be size 10 in one store and  walk to the next and suddenly have gained two pounds and have to buy a size bigger. More retailers need to start stocking ladies plus size dresses.

            It is not just you! Thousands of women across the UK are realising that retailers are labelling clothing different and conflicting sizes and saying a medium is a size 10. Recent studies have shown that the average dress size of a woman in the UK is a 14, which means technically a size 14 should in fact be a medium, so don’t feel frumpy and fat when you have to try on a dreaded large, it is the retailer’s inaccuracy that is to blame.

            Since the majority of the population are size 12/14 why are retailers making shopping a horrible experience by making us feel like we need to fit into a smaller size? Surely as a business they would want to flatter and encourage their target market to feel confident and comfortable in their clothing? It just doesn’t make business sense! It is time that they realised plus size is not something to be ashamed about, and it is certainly not a size 12! Women should be proud of their curves.

            Finally some store owners have clicked onto their gap in the market for a store that welcomes the normal and beautiful woman and creates a confident, poised and strong but beautiful woman wearing the next season still warm from the catwalk. Some have gone even further in their quest to create the perfect shop, by stocking affordable fashion in a range of sizes to suit all such as the booming Primark.

Article by Hazel Miller

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