Ok, so once again the gowns worn to the Golden Globes don't exactly represent personal style of everyday people as this blog is meant to; but I thought it would be interesting to look at some of the stars who tried to dress unconventionally; who did it right, and who did it wrong?
RIGHT - Emma Stone, Chris Colfer, Reece Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar.
I'm not sure about... Kelly Osbourne and Freida Pinto
I love Kelly's personal style; her hairstyle are usually my favorites lately in terms of celebrities, but this Zac Posen gown... I get what she's trying to do but the dress looks cheap and poorly constructed; whether it's because the fabric is too thick, because this dress could benefit from more of a loose flow, or because the seams are ragged looking and poorly fitted. This could've been pulled off a lot better!
the shape of Freida's dress is very elegant, but I think on her figure it isn't quite right. I think to pull off such a deconstructed shape you need to be extremely petite; or maybe it's the fact her hair is down, this look would benefit immensely from a glamorous up-do.

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