Since the fashion house started in 1946 it has been adorning the rich in elegant and elaborate couture and making the rest of us dream. Dior's couture stays true to it's 50s silhouette and sweetheart necklines combines with billowing skirts in masses of material. Dior Couture was born after a period of ration and tight-purses, the designers use of so much fabric was a shock of over indulgence when people could barely afford a reel of cotton, but there is something luxuriously beautiful about these dresses that we can't resist. His personal life aside, John Galliano was my favourite Dior designer, I don't think his skill or the personality he brought to the brand can ever be found again; I was extremely disappointed when Galliano's pattern cutter took the reigns of the collection, his shoes were too big to fill, the collection was a slash of boring beige against a colourful history. The rumours Marc Jacobs was to step in have since been quelled, Jacob's design heart seems to be fully integrated into Louis Vuitton. Do you think anyone could ever surpass Galliano? Or could you forgive is horrendous behaviour if he silently returned to his post after rehab? Let me know your opinions.
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