This is a brand billed as the answer to all a ‘natural woman’s fashion needs. It promises to give the woman who has had children and doesn’t mind the extra pound or two she has gained something comfortable and stylish to wear. Doris Streich is thus committed to meeting the needs of plus size women not ashamed of their size, not striving for the petite frame so exalted by the media. And indeed the creations of this Germany-based label have become so popular, collections are constantly selling out.

All year round, Doris Streich has something for every season- lighter, brightly coloured t shirts for summer as well as sweaters and jackets of numerous designs for winter. Whether you need something serious for the office or something casual for the weekend, you are practically spoilt for choice. They currently have a beautiful casual denim jacket retailing for a discounted price of £80. It is made to go with virtually every kind of casual wear- loose printed dresses or skirts or the ubiquitous jeans-and-t shirt. You cannot go wrong with Doris Streich when it comes to kaftans, tops and tunics. Coming in almost infinite styles and shapes, the women of size 18 to 30 are fully catered for. And the colours and patterns! Vivid red and white strips with a subtle blue in the background; green, pink, purple and black in floral patterns that captivate and simply have to visit their website to see it for yourself.

For the chilly season, you can treat yourself to an assortment of knitted sweaters and cardigans from Doris Streich. A gorgeous waterfall mesh knit cardigan jacket is currently on sale that will make you the most elegant thing this winter. Alternatively you can try the stylish edge to edge jersey cardigan that is great for both a weekend out and a day in the office. Equally versatile is the V-neck jersey that showcases excellent seaming. With the right accessories you are guaranteed an exclusive look that will do wonders for your confidence.

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