The suit is one of the main bases of male fashion, but although men have limited options compared to women, the suit is one of the most versatile fashion pieces out there. Whether buttoned up or deconstructed, it's the start of power dressing. If you prefer a casual look, you can wear elements of a suit with casual accessories such as a t-shirt with a blazer, or a crisp white shirt with jeans; juxtaposing smart with casual creates a striking fashion effect. If you're going for a full three-piece suit why not try mixing and matching prints and colours; wear a bright blue waistcoat against a black blazer and accessorise it by picking out the same bright colour in a handkerchief in your front pocket, or the detail on your shoes. Play about with texture too; a tweed jacket can look great with smart cotton pants, but you have to experiment to find out what works with your stature. A longer blazer may be flattering on a model but will it look great on your shape and height?