From everyday work-wear to formal dinner parties to relaxing summer dresses, Anna Scholz has dresses of every style to flatter every figure. No matter what occasion or what day of the week, it’s never a bad time to wear a dress! Every woman looks great in a dress; it is the ultimate feminine creation, next to the high heel. Find the dresses to fit your body and express your style! If you like prints, colour, cuts, and detail, you’ll find many dresses to fit your taste that will fit your body also.

Anna’s clothes are specially designed to tailor the curvy woman’s body. Her clothing line specializes in plus sizes while still being fashionable and on trend. Shopping for bigger sizes in the regular high street stores can be stressful and disappointing, but when you shop at a store that is specially designed for your fuller body, there’s no disappointment when you try on the clothes. Find a dress that will flatter your fuller figure and complement your best features.

If you’re looking for simple and casual dresses, you’ll find plenty of basic silhouettes that are versatile for day to night, work to weekend. You’ll find styles that are sexy and sophisticated and will make your body look amazing! It’s time to embrace your curves rather than to hide under baggy clothes and unflattering cuts, try on some of Anna’s simple and beautiful designs and you’ll see yourself in the mirror as a completely transformed woman. Being confident in the skin you’re in is such an important part of life; love your body, and love your clothes too!

Finding what looks best on your body can sometimes be a long journey full of unflattering cuts and prints, but when you finally discover what looks good on you, you’re feel your entire life (and closet) transform!

Every woman should own at least one great dress; one for work, one for parties, one for the weekend – one for every occasion! Feel like a real woman in a fabulous dress that flatters your full figure. Step out into the world with confidence and make all the other women ask you where you got that stunning dress? You’ll smile and tell them from Anna Scholz, of course! Find a flattering dress for your body from a woman who knows a woman’s body best. Shop with Anna and find the dress that fits right for your body.

Retailers will tell you that Verpass faux fur coats and waistcoats hardly last in stock. The level of comfort and elegance they give is virtually unparalleled. This German fashion house has curved a niche for itself as a leader in women’s winter fashion. Besides the coats, their jumpers and cardigans are to die for. Last year’s autumn-winter collection had a selection of cute purple, grey and maroon sweaters alongside classy leather jackets and cashmere coats. Verpass is known for catering to the needs of women of fuller figures thus all their outfits are available in sizes over 28. Despite the availability of their coats in many sizes, Verpass remains true to its mantra of individuality, ensuring a limited supply for each design.

With their 2011/2012 autumn-winter collection being fronted by plus size beauty queen Erika Demmer, Verpass has remained true to its focus of providing stylish, comfortable clothing for plus size women. This collection has seen Verpass showcase some out-of-the-box designs of faux fur half-coats that go really well with print dresses. It also includes some nifty fur-collared coats that will keep you warm in winter but without compromising the smart look that your workplace requires. If you will be hitting the slopes for winter sports, Verpass has you covered with thick, hooded coats lined with brown furs. For that casual, sensual look, check out their animal print coats and jackets that will combine well with both dark tights or trousers. Throw on a scarf and some heels and you might just become the next trending topic on social media!

A Verpass faux fur coat will set you back £269 but it is an item that will keep you warm for years to come so consider what you spend an actual saving. This grey and black coat will go with virtually any dress or trouser you have. It may be all you need to get you through the chilly season!

Anna Scholz is a fashion designer that creates clothing for plus sizes. She was born in Kettwig Germany and graduated from Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in 1994. Her first big discovery was when Lane Bryant, (a company specializing in fashion for plus sized women) brought her first collection to sell in 1996. The rest is history! Anna pulls her inspiration from everywhere and carries her sketchpad and camera with her at all times. She travels in an effort to pull fashion ideas from different countries and cultures. A proud designer, she chooses to wear only her designs to show her confidence in her own work.

Her website has been quite successful, allowing her to sell her clothes internationally. While many will say there is not much fashion for women with a larger figure, she has defied the odds by creating sexy, catchy, up to date clothing that is both flattering to the eye and to the figure. Women of plus sizes should be able to express themselves through their style of dress without having to compromise on the style factor.

You can review the large range of clothing that Anna Scholz has available. Choose from dresses, tops, kaftans, knitwear, coats, jackets, skirts, trousers, and denim. She chooses the best quality of fabric and draws from the greatest inspiration of all, the world. She has her clothing line in 40 stores nationwide, the UK, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, and the United States. All of this included with her online store, this fashionista is sure to succeed in helping many plus size women around the world. Her clothing line has enabled many to step out and feel good.

Elena Miro is an Italian fashion house renowned for producing women’s clothing that caters for the ‘plus size’ category. It is an offshoot of the Miroglio Group which has two major arms: fabric/yarn production and the above-mentioned clothing design. This label has the distinction of being the only plus-size women’s brand to showcase at the prestigious Milano Moda Donna Fashion Week.

Selling now is its 2011 Autumn/Winter collection which consists of trendy official skirts and tops, charming, comfortable sweaters and unique coats. The collection focuses on glorifying the woman’s femininity by bringing it out in a playfully sensual way. Three main styles are the product of this collection: New Icons, Brit Style and Swinging Diva.

The ‘New Icons’ are sweaters and coats deliberately given bright blue, red, pink and purple hues to counter the monotony of a white winter. These are matched with dark trousers or tights and knee-length boots. Cashmere and wool are the fabrics chosen to make these stylish cardigans and coats. There is also a beautiful range of uniquely styled cloaks.  Among the stand-outs are a grey, oriental-style cloak with a dark lining and cute pockets at the front. Another is the turquoise blue part-cloak, part-poncho fastened with buttons or string. 

The ‘Brit Style’ sub-category features clothing styled after classic British pieces. Grey is the dominant colour of this theme and it features a gorgeous array of sweaters. From turtle-necks to sweater dresses, this collection has something for everyone. There are also jackets in this category- both functional and glamourous. Stitched in one-of-a-kind patterns and some fastened by shiny claps instead of zips, they are much more than just protection from the chill. The brand has achieved, with this collection, a casual, student look that is perfect for the season.

Lastly we have the ‘Swinging Diva’ line that is aimed at bringing out the sensual side of the woman. Knit-work and jerseys rendered in plain, patchwork and animal print make for a fun collection with a wealth of options to choose from. The long, elegant, figure-hugging knitwear dresses serve to accentuate the female form, yet retain an element of mystery. They are reminiscent of the glamour dresses of the 1930s and some are touched off with intricate leopard print.

The Italian fashion giant also recently showcased its 2012 Spring collection at the recently concluded Milan Fashion Week. It consisted of diverse patterns printed on multi-coloured dresses and skirts-and-blouse ensembles. The outfits were visibly intended to draw attention to the waistline. Fuschia and gold were the dominant hues as the models strutted up and down the catwalk.

When it comes to price, Elena Miro can be a bit demanding. Jackets range between £329 and £375. A complete suit will set you back about £600 while skirts range between £115 and £195.