Clothes are essential for our everyday lives, regardless if we’re into fashion or not. The motto at Doris Streich is to advocate the natural woman: to love yourself the way you are and to embrace your personal style. Fashion for women who are passionate about clothes and style, no matter what age or what background; you’ll find your high quality garments here for every body shape and size.

“These are the women we dress – with passion and enthusiasm.” The third generation of the Streich family has worked hard to create fashionable clothes for women, reaching a global market. Their clothes are made for women of medium and larger body frames, with the aim to create security and comfort within their clothes.

A woman is beautiful no matter how she looks, no matter what size she is, or how old she is. It’s important for a woman to feel like a woman, and to dress and act as an adult. Even for those who feel young and wild in heart, it’s important to embrace your true self and to respect yourself at the same time. The Natural Woman campaign is set to advocate the true essence of a woman; her entire life, from her job to her family to her hobbies, is ultimately important in defining who she is, and we are also defined by the way we dress and the way we present ourselves. Being a natural woman means more than wearing no make up or dressing in jeans and a t-shirt; it’s about being completely comfortable with who we are on the inside and outside.

With the way fashion is always moving and changing, it can either exhaust you or excite you, and everyone sees fashion differently. It’s important to identify yourself and to discover your true style with which you feel the most comfortable in, the most you in. Self-discovery is the basis for growth, once you discover who you are and what you want in the world, then you morph into that person, and the way you dress reflects who you are in the world and in society.

Clothes may seem materialistic to some, but they do indeed define us in some way or another. It’s important to reveal the right message to the world, and it’s important to understand who we are and what we want. Being a natural woman is important for the designers at Doris Streich, and they want every woman to embrace herself and to love who she is.

Getting dressed for work each morning can be boring sometimes, having to wear the same plain outfit even if you don’t have a work uniform. It’s hard to be fashionable at work while still being appropriate and sophisticated. Elena Mirò designs clothes specifically for the workingwoman, and her Spring 2012 collection is tailored for the daring women who like to be bold in their everyday clothes.

The new collection appeared on the catwalk at Milan Fashion week and made a bold entrance. Filled with bright colours, eye-catching prints, and unique textiles, the Spring 2012 collection is perfect for the bold woman who likes to experiment with fashion in everyday life. The collection features bright pinks, reds, and purples, as well as sheen greens and nudes. All the pieces are bright, either from colour or texture, and the many different looks from the collection showcase different ways to mix and match prints and colours.

Dressing for work can be a fun ritual now with these bright and attractive designs. The pieces in the collection are appropriate and sophisticated for work-wear as well as everyday casual wear. It gives the workingwoman an opportunity to experiment with fashion and mix it into their everyday wardrobe. Mirò’s designs are catered specially for the mature woman who knows how to express herself through her clothes.

Show up to work in something bold, bright, and beautiful! Make a statement when you walk into the office and feel confident everyday. Feel free to wear the clothes you love and express your true style. Every woman should have the right to wear the clothes they like and to feel great in them too.

If you’re tired of boring basics for work, then it’s time to incorporate some fun into your wardrobe! What you wear to work is what you’ll wear all day, and don’t you want to love what you’re wearing each day? You can make small changes, or drastic changes to your work wardrobe by adding colour or prints or unique cuts – or a combination of all three. Don’t be afraid to be yourself when you get dressed each day, clothes are meant to be expressive of your true personality! Have fun when you put clothes on in the morning, and feel stylish all day.

Wearing bright colours and bold prints can change your attitude as well. When you love the clothes you’re in, you’ll feel great and people will tell you that you look great as well. Don’t be afraid to try something new, check out Elena Mirò’s Spring 2012 collection and feel inspired by the eye-catching pieces. Try to incorporate fun into your work wardrobe and make those long hours worthwhile
Ok, so it's been done time and time again; The Seven Deadly Sins made into a fashion editorial or concept; but when we found these fantastic rings, we were reminded why it's so effective.
Found on Pinterest Via Samantha Veronie. Original Source From

These rings are incredible, and are of course best worn a la mode; one on every finger, to look like the queen of colour and jewellery. The little human details like the hands on the Greed ring and the eye on the Envy ring, work so perfectly against the bright ruby red and emerald green stones. These are incrediblycouture. If anyone knows who designed them please let me know!

So, we decided we would find you the perfect dresses to complete the look with these cocktail rings, whether your sin is Lust, envy or gluttony, we've tracked down the perfect dress.
A crimson down with excessive layers of tulle and a glamorous fitted style by Vivienne Weswood is no doubt the epitome of Lust, best worn with red lips and 50's luxe waves.
With a price tag exceeding $28,000 this Alexander Mcqueen gown is the best, and most beautiful portrayal of greed and Greed.
Slathered in a print of delicious desserts and diner delicacies, this Good Enough To Eat Dress from Mod Cloth will let you show off your Gluttony in the most stylish of ways.
Even when you're reclining on the sofa it's important to look angelic in this Rachel Gilbert dress, how can people punish you of Sloth? When you look this good you've obviously made an effort.
Nothing says Wrath like this gold-studded black dress from Halston Heritage. The perfect attire for evil deeds.
Green will glint from this Vionnet dress, the same way the green glitters from your eyes in the midst of Envy. But in this dress, you'll be the source of the sin.
You'll have very good reason for Vainity when you're waering this Rare Opulence dress, with all that sparkle and drama you'll no doubt be the centre of attention.
Fashion is a term used to describe the latest clothing trends. Most of us might think that fashion is only for those who have perfect bodies. Of course, this is very wrong. There is always fashion for everyone. In fact, large womens clothes, are always hot in the market.

However, we seem to think that big lady dresses are always generic. In other words, we have had that believe that dresses for large women are without style or class. Again, this is wrong. In fact, the top fashion designers the world has ever produced are also making dressed for big ladies.

This article will talk about the top five fashion designers of the world. It must be understood that they create artistic creations for men and women of all ages, of all races, and of all sizes.

First is Valentino Garavani, the most prominent fashionista Italy has ever produced. He is known as a ‘magician’ to some because of his ability to transform women into goddesses and ladies of affluence. A very detailed and a very meticulous person, he is highly favored by his fans and critics alike. Indeed, he has even created dresses for the famous and the elite alike like Julia Roberts and Elizabeth Taylor. Of course, he also favors making dresses for women who are of size.

The second is the American Tom Ford. A native of Southern Texas, he is able to create fashion style that will make anyone drool over. Indeed, he is sometimes considered as one of the patriarchs of the fashion industry.

Of course, how could we forget Donatella Versace? The name Versace itself has become part of the language and we have come to associate the name to the highest fashion designs. She is largely known all over the world because of her inherent gift to make even the largest and the fattest ladies prim and sexy.

Alexander McQueen is considered to be one of the most creative couturiers. Basically, he is identified as one of the founding figures of the fashion world because of his uniquely creative styles. He is a designer who is not afraid to experiment on new styles and combination of colors.

The last, but by no means the least, is the New Yorker, Betsy Johnson. Of the designers mentioned here, Johnson is the most hip. She is able to create dresses for the old and make them look young, and she can turn stout individuals seem small and sexy.

So, if you are looking for large womens clothes, you will surely find something of your taste if you look for the designs and the products of the world’s top designers.

Pastels may be the in trend this season, but if you want your look to be a little more edgy come nightfall these skyscraper heels and wedges are sure to make maximum impact. Studs and metallic buttons against scarlets, blacks and neons are the anti-trend. Wear them with pride and confidence and you'll carry them off well.